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Aquaponics Home System

Aquaponics Home Garden System

Good that you have decided to grow your own food, but not sure to choose which method to adopt for home Garden System. If you have decided to have a Home Garden System, then Aquaponics is the best choice. If we understand Why would most of the Other Home Garden systems fail,we will be able to make the right choice.

Issue with conventional Home Garden System:

  • Soil quality: Traditional gardening relies heavily on soil quality, which can vary greatly depending on location and climate. If the soil is too dry, too wet, or lacking in nutrients, the plants may not grow properly.
  • Watering issues: Overwatering or underwatering can be a common problem with traditional gardening systems. It can be challenging to find the right balance, especially during periods of drought or heavy rainfall.
  • Space limitations: Traditional gardening can require a large amount of space, which may not be feasible for those living in urban areas or with limited yard space.
  • Lack of automation: Traditional gardening requires a significant amount of manual labor, from preparing the soil to watering and weeding. This can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, making it difficult to maintain a garden.
  • Vacation: Most importantly what happens to my system when I am out on Vacation. Most of the Home Gardeners stop home system when realizing system failure after a vacation.

Advantages of Aquaponics

  • Soil quality: Aquaponics do not reply on Soil, Nothing to worry about Soil Quality and Soil Borne Diseases.
  • Watering issues:Aquaponics is an auto watering system. No need to worry about under or Over watering the plants.
  • Space limitations:Aquaponics provides a more space-efficient and sustainable way to grow food at home, making it an ideal option for those with limited space. With proper planning and design, aquaponics systems can provide fresh and healthy food even in small spaces.
  • Automation:Aquaponics by design is an automated system, no worries about watering, weeding, soil borne diseases etc.
  • Vacation: Since our Systems are designed in a automated top-up model, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your Home Garden system.Infact it would have thrived well when you come back.

Neelithal Customer Home Systems

  • Neelithal Home System 1
  • Neelithal Home System 2
  • Neelithal Home System 3
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  • Neelithal Home System 5

What we offer

We provide world class Aquaponics design adpated for Indians with ease of operations and space flexibility in mind.
As part of the Home Garden system you get System with 100Kgs of Production of Fish Per Year and upto 120 Planter Growbed System.
We provide three types of growbeds where you can grow all kind of vegetables for your family need.
Core Fundatemntal Training on Aquaponics and support for 6 months is all included as part of the Home Garden System Package.

Space Required: 100-200 Sqft Minimum for Basic Aquaponics Home System.
If you have more space we can do custom design as per your requirement as 400-1200 sqft.
Production Capacity: 100 Kgs of Fish per Year , upto 120 planters Growbeds.
  • Fish Tank: 1000 Liter Fish tank with Production capacity upto 50Kgs
  • Three Stage Filtration:Three Stage Filtration: RFF, Mesh Filter, Biological Filter.Effective Filtarion system for best results and easy of operation.
  • Growbed - Deep Water Culture (DWC):Growbed - Deep Water Culture (DWC): DWC Growbeds with rafts , net cups where you can grow varities of shallow root crops like Spinach,Amaranthus, basil, Kale and other varities of Leafy Greens.
  • Growbed - Continous Flow Media Beds (CFMB): Best Suited for Bushy crops and vegetables like Okra, brinjal, Tomatoe etc.
  • Growbed - Wicking Bed: Wicking beds are superior beds suited for root crops like carrot, beetroot, turmeric, radish etc
  • A-Z required to run the Aquaponics system efficiently including Aeration system, water pump, grow tray etc

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Cost of Basic Aquaponics Home Garden System - 200sqft - INR 80000 + GST
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