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Upcoming Training 27/8/2022

Online Course

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Fundamentals of Aquaponics

Course will be available in Tamil and on successful completion of this course you will
  • Know the Fundamentals of Aquaponics
  • Do and Donts in maintaining Aquaponics System
  • Design and build your own Home or Semi Commercial Aquaponics System.

Course Introduction Video

Course Chapters

  • Fundamentals of Natural Farming
  • Introduction to Aquaponics
  • Water Quality Parameters in Aquaponics
    • Ammonia , Nitrite, Nitrate
    • pH
    • Water Temperature
  • Role of Oxygen in Aquaponics
  • Role of Filtration in Aquaponics
    • Mechanical Filters
      • Rotary Drum Filter
      • Radial Flow Filter
      • Swirl Filter
      • Media Filter
    • Biological Filters
      • Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)
      • Trickle Filter
      • Media Filter
  • Role of pH and Alkalinity in Aquaponics
  • Components of Aquaponics
  • Types of Growbeds in Aquaponics
    • Wicking Bed
    • Deep Water Culture (DWC)
    • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
    • Continuous Flow Media Beds (CFM)
  • Component Sizing in Aquaponics
    • Designing and Sizing of Fish Tanks
    • Designing and Sizing of Mechanical Filters
    • Designing and Sizing of Biological Filter
    • Designing and Sizing of Growbeds
  • System Cycling , Adding Fish and Plants in Aquaponics

Guided Farm Tour:

Registered members can visit (With Prior Booking) our farm for Guided Tour of our Commercial System in Neelithal Aqua Farms Facility.
NOTE: Due to COVID-19 lockdown , farm visits is allowed only after lockdown.

Training Q&A:

Once the course is completed, you can send your queries and doubts to Your Queries will be answered over email.

Registration Procedure:

If you would like to Register for our Online Course "Fundamentals of Aquaponics" Please Follow the below Steps
  • Make the Payment (See Payment Mode) and take screenshot of the Payment.
  • Complete the Registration Form. Once you make successful Payment and Registration you will get an email with Course Registration Confirmation.
  • Once you get the confirmation email you can visit Fundamentals of Aquaponics to begin your Course

Course Fee:

Rs 2000 per Person

Payment Mode:

  • UPI Transfer:
    • Using GooglePay/BHIM/Paytm/Any Mobile Bank App to neelithal@upi
  • NEFT Transfer:
    • Name : Nisar Mohamed
    • A/C : 000901524577
    • Bank : ICICI Bank, Nungambakam Branch, Chennai
    • IFSC Code: ICIC0000009