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Deep Dive Aquaponics
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Are you a passionate Home Gardener or an Aspiring Agripreneur ?

Imagine cultivating fresh, delicious food year-round, right at home, or building a thriving, sustainable agribusiness. Our expert-led Neelithal Aquaponics training course makes it possible, empowering you to achieve both personal and professional goals.

Our comprehensive course, guides you through everything you need to know, from building your first system to optimizing yields and turning your passion into profit.

Choose your path
Our course covers both personal and commercial applications of aquaponics, allowing you to tailor your learning journey to your goals.

Course Fee:
Rs 2500 2000 (20% Off)
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Looking for Agri Business?

  • verified_userBreak free from traditional farming limitations. Aquaponics offers a resilient, profitable solution:
  • verified_userYear-round production: Grow food independently of weather or season to meet market demands consistently.
  • verified_userReduced costs: Use up to 90% less water and eliminate fertilizers, minimizing your resource expenses.
  • verified_userSustainable and organic: Stand out with environmentally friendly food production that consumers value.

Looking for Growing your Own Food?

  • verified_userTired of expensive, chemical-laden groceries? Grow your own organic produce all year round with aquaponics!.
  • verified_userEnjoy the satisfaction of knowing exactly what's on your plate and the taste of truly fresh, homegrown food.
  • verified_userNo prior experience? No problem! Our beginner-friendly Neelithal Aquaponics course guides you step-by-step, from setting up your system to choosing the right plants and fish.
  • verified_userLearn at your own pace and enjoy the satisfaction of watching your food thrive.
  • verified_userWorried about leaving the home garden for vacation and see failures when you come back? Dont Worry Aquaponics by design is a self automated , natural eco system, which will continue to grow and thrive in your absence as well.

Why Neelithal Aquaponics Course

  • securityLearn from experts: Master aquaponics with in-depth video lessons, downloadable guides, and personalized support from experienced person at Neelithal Aquaponics.
  • securityChoose your path: Our course covers both personal and commercial applications of aquaponics, allowing you to tailor your learning journey to your goals.
  • securityExpert guidance on system design, plant selection, and fish management.
  • securityIn-depth information on both personal and commercial aquaponics applications.
  • securityDirect access to our network of industry professionals and successful aquaponics farmers and entrepreneurs.
  • securityFlexible learning at your own pace

What Our Students Says

Actual reviews from our students, check more at our Google Page

  • Neelithal User Image Karthikeyan Subramanian
    Karthikeyan Subramanian
    Nisar experience in the field is very evident in his nonsense talk, he shared all his experience.... created positive hope to pursue further... I understand due to COVID he could not arrange food samples from farm out put, certainly he should consider that in all his training program
  • Neelithal User Image prasanth m
    prasanth m
    Visited the farm Got some valuable information from the person who is well experienced and successful in the field of aquaponics, gathered lot informations in fundamentals of aquaponics. Yet to learn a lot about the field. Thanks to Nizar for his willingness to share his experience, kudos to the attitude Keep going 👍
  • Neelithal User Image Vigneshwaran Sukumar
    Vigneshwaran Sukumar
    Nizar is very informative and down to earth, I attended basic aquaponics training on 21/03/2021 and I would definitely recommend it for people who look up take growing as hobby and on commercial scale. Farm grows all the fish, green's and veggies completely organic. And will do home delivery as well. Best wishes
  • Neelithal User Image Guru Prakash
    Guru Prakash
    Awesome experience and well learnd about the whole process of aquaponics excellent visit worth of travel from Chennai
  • Neelithal User Image Senthil Thangamuthu
    Senthil Thangamuthu
    Presentation was clear and informative without unwanted informations. Enjoyed the course and looking forward to kick start this 😀. Thank you, Nisar and team.

  • Course Details

    Aquaponics Deep Dive Course

    Course will be available in Tamil and on successful completion of this course you will
    • Know the Fundamentals of Aquaponics
    • Do and Donts in maintaining Aquaponics System
    • Design and build your own Home or Semi Commercial Aquaponics System.

    Guided Farm Tour:

    Registered members can visit (With Prior Booking) our farm for Guided Tour of our Commercial System in Neelithal Aqua Farms Facility.

    Training Q&A:

    Once the course is completed, you can send your queries and doubts to Your Queries will be answered over email.

    Course Fee:

    Rs 2500 2000 (20% Off)

    Course Introduction Video

    Course Chapters

    • Fundamentals of Natural Farming
    • Introduction to Aquaponics
    • Water Quality Parameters in Aquaponics
      • Ammonia , Nitrite, Nitrate
      • pH
      • Water Temperature
    • Role of Oxygen in Aquaponics
    • Role of Filtration in Aquaponics
      • Mechanical Filters
        • Rotary Drum Filter
        • Radial Flow Filter
        • Swirl Filter
        • Media Filter
      • Biological Filters
        • Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)
        • Trickle Filter
        • Media Filter
    • Role of pH and Alkalinity in Aquaponics
    • Components of Aquaponics
    • Types of Growbeds in Aquaponics
      • Wicking Bed
      • Deep Water Culture (DWC)
      • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
      • Continuous Flow Media Beds (CFM)
    • Component Sizing in Aquaponics
      • Designing and Sizing of Fish Tanks
      • Designing and Sizing of Mechanical Filters
      • Designing and Sizing of Biological Filter
      • Designing and Sizing of Growbeds
    • System Cycling , Adding Fish and Plants in Aquaponics

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