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Know How Your Food Grows

Know How Your Food Grows

Knowing how your food Grows is an important part before you start growing your own food.

Growing vegetables and greens are much easier than we think. Having basic knowledge of how the plants grow will ease our part in growing them.

There are lot of simple and easy Do it Yourself methods which we can adopt to grow plants, say for example using a wicking bed for water conservation. You don't need to water the plant everyday, you can have a wonderful week long vacation without worrying about watering the plant.

Aquaponics is a easy , natural way of growing food, along with nutritious fishes, most importantly in a Organic way. Aquaponics maintain the life cycle of living Eco system, hence it's very much Organic and natural way if growing vegetables and fish. Read more about Aquaponics on our Know How Your Food Grows series.

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Neelithal Know How your food grows

At Neelithal we take atmost care for the vegetables we grow, same way we also care as much to share the knowledge with everyone.

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If you wanted to get started right away with your own Aquaponics system, check out our Aquaponics Training Modules. You will be able to build Aquaponics System on your own, after completing our Course.