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Know Where Your Food Grows

Know Where Your Food Grows

Knowing where your Food Grows is as much important as doing regular exercise, Meditation or Yoga for a healthy living.

In the faster life cycle we are not paying attention to the food which we buy and eat everyday.Spending on Healthy organic food is more wise than spending on health issues.

It's very much important to know where Your food Grows, to know if the food is Organic. Better to buy from a local farmer who grow organically.

What do we gain by knowing where our food Grows ?
  • We will know what methods are used to cultivate the food , which we are feeding our children, either grown organically or with pesticide , and chemical fertilizers.
  • We know that we are buying our food from a local and trusted Farmer, which means that we are feeding our family and children a known, trusted Organic Produce.
When we choose a local farmer , we can visit the farm and see how the food is cultivated, it builds a better trust between us and the farmer.

Take the first step to visit local Farms, know the method which is being cultivated, buy directly from the local farmer. Buying directly from the farmer, adds responsibility for the farmer to produce healthy organic food to the local community. Local farmers get better price and we get healthy food from a trusted Farmer .

Buy From a Local Farmer ... Help Building a Healthy Community...

Neelithal Know Where your food grows

Spend your quality time in a Organic Farm with your family on a weekend (half day). Participating in getting your organic produce, will be much refreshing and healthy way of spending your time.

You can visit Neelithal Aqua Farms on any day with prior intimation.
At Neelithal we grow all the vegetables organically , by adopting a method called Aquaponics.

Please contact us for a free Farm Visit.