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Grow Your Own Food

Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food is an art, and you will love it once you start. Its a great pleasure to feed our children and family with Organic food which we grow our self with passion.

Why should we grow our own food ?!
  • Safe and Healthy: We know what we are consuming is a healthy Organic food.
  • Cost and Savings: we might end up spending less and may be nil on the monthly vegetable expense.
  • Taste and Flavor: When we start growing our own food, we will realize how tasty the vegetables are really. Vegetables loose it's Flavor day by day when it get shipped from farm to store to home to kitchen. Instead you will pick it up straight from the plant , from you backyard/rooftop, etc.
How Easy/Difficult to grow our own food?!
Lot of us feel it's hard to grow in the limited space we have and can not grow our own food successfully, but it's actually very easy to grow, if we Know How Our Food Grows.

Space is not a Limit:
Aquaponics is a excellent way to grow our own vegetables and fish Organically , with less work. No weeding, no daily watering, no dirt handling, conserve water up to 90%.
With Aquaponics we can grow food from a tabletop to rooftop to commercial scale.Read More about Aquaponics.

Grow Your Own Food .... Grow Healthy ...

Neelithal Grow Your Own Food

Ready to Grow Your Own Food ?!
At Neelithal we believe Aquaponics is the way to go for commercial growing to kitchen growing. We wish everyone of us grow our own food and become self sustainable one day.

If you are ready to Grow your own food and need help on where to start, please contact us we will help you to setup your Home Garden on a Tabletop or Rooftop or Backyard level.